The Committee was conceived by two nurses who met by chance. Conversation, as it does between nurses, eventually turns to the nursing profession. Working conditions and the number of nurses injured and disabled, through physical or stress related causes, was discussed. We were shocked to learn how many colleagues we knew collectively who were affected in these ways. This sobering conversation led to an exchange of addresses and phone numbers and the promise to contact each another.

The next meeting was as productive as it was empowering: we agreed that the working environment of PEI nurses required a comprehensive study, and as nurses, we would be best qualified to conduct this research. We were pleased to learn that the prospective area of research was open for study. We began a coordinated effort to establish ourselves as a bonafide committee. Contact was made with our provincial nurses association and we established a working relationship.

The name, Committee for Injured Nurses of Prince Edward Island, was decided and incorporated. Our mandate was formed. Media exposure was the next priority and interviews were conducted in print and radio. Simultaneously, members of the Board of Directors were assembled and meetings planned.

For those who are interested in our research or forming their own similar committees, CINPEI can be contacted through the following board members;

Wendy McQuaid




Corinne Hardy-Adams

Secretary Treasurer




The CINPEI acknowledges the integrity and dignity of the professional nurse and the valuable contribution nurses offer our society. CINPEI will, through research, education, and support, address the concerns nurses have for their; clients, work environment and profession. Therefore, CINPEI endorses the following agenda:

Nurses in clinical practice, education, administration, and research, will identify high areas of risk by application of their knowledge, skill, and judgement.

Through research, areas of risk will be identified and appropriate education modules developed to eliminate the risk areas.

Measures of support will be instituted to accommodate the needs of nurses as a whole as well as on an individual basis.

Wellness promotion coupled with illness and injury prevention is a prime goal. CINPEI will incorporate education modules into the workplace appropriate for the environment. The desired effect is that no unnecessary exposure of risk or harm comes to the nurse.